modern day rap is a joke

a hoax for white folks who drink ghettoblasters 

look at my book and choke on the first chapter 

worse is the verse they thought they had mastered

here am i, a disaster, caught up in my own rapture

brought up, thought i was taught to capture 

to love is it to be annoyed and paranoid and overjoyed and agree with Freud, and say “oy” oh cause boys

my rap yo, give me feedback please!

If you guys would listen to some of my raps on Soundcloud and tell me what i need to work on or things that do work. I mean anything, volume of tracks, lyrics, voice, instrumentals, i really want to get better at mastering these tracks. Also if anyone makes beats, I’d like to collaborate, I sing too, so hip hop, jazz, rock, it don’t matter, hit me up. 

click, cause this is the link  (opens in new window)