My green red and black old low rider bike, very distinct looking, got stolen last night while and now I have multiple people who used to see me riding it, very mad. They all promised they’d find it for me, because like 15 people have offered to buy it but they know it’s special to me cause I always say no. This happened last night, and I also repainted the handlebars yesterday and I was showing that shit off and now it’s gone! Damn, they stole it next to the front porch of a house while I was on the backyard. It’s my fault I know but the power went out last night so crime was really high I guess, I witnessed some people running from a mugging of some dudes daughter yesterday. So when I walked down the block her family members thought it was me and I had to assure them I saw five boys running across the street. Last night was so nuts… We had a flood, I was soaked all day and celebrating a friends 21st, which her mom forgot about. All together everything is feeling lame

i pulled an all-nighter and watched the sunrise over the Detroit River, from the middle of Belle isle bridge. The walk back included a blueberry bagel and coffee