i’m finding it difficult to invest in myself, in order to recover

at this pivotal moment that affects my health, a war between a lover

I can’t quite ingest all of the damage I’ve created toward me and onto the other

no, mad

i am so sad at myself

i was in no man’s land before i was blindly hiding in dividing lines,

before confining my unconscious confidence 

i’m finding coincidence to be continuously unwinding

bush league

a birthmark on the nape of your neck is slightly darker than your skin

you’ll never see it in your reflection because the angles interrupt your line of vision 

it’s beautiful and defining, a characteristic that is blinded because your head’s inability to go full circle, like you sometimes do when you get talking for too long. 

dark freckles and moles are carefully speckled across the mold of your face, placed sparingly just in case you need to be identified. the dents and creases increase your chance of survival. 

I will serve you as passionately as a Conservative who observes the bible, though with reasoning that is backed by actual, factual, evidence, like the shapes on the nape of your neck.