i pulled an all-nighter and watched the sunrise over the Detroit River, from the middle of Belle isle bridge. The walk back included a blueberry bagel and coffee 

i gotchya ass in the dark

like jurassic park

urine a bit of trouble

silently ‘p’eeing

her names lane hubbell

i’m ptering you up like a dactyl

i’m erratic and acting like a reptile

ductile like malleable metal i pedal the bike 

so incredible i’m catching you like the flu mid-june

i’ve built up my immune system

but i’m still on ya like pneumonia

still silently ‘p’eeing

i’m trying to get used to resistin em

better insist i won’t see you fleeing

my wrists will twist your wisdom teeth 

outta ya gums

i’m antibiotic - biological tick

what are the diagnostics

is this turrets?

to recognize 

there’s no preventing it 

but i’m presenting my sentences 

on to you - i’m relentlessly transcending 

i’ve got ya slung low in the jungle

in my tree house bungalow

i’ll bestow onto you all my diseases

releasing increasing your reaction 

through this transaction like kinesis

- me


A little anxious audio for you folks. Enjoy!